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CD Bake Oven


    Here you may find answers to some of the questions regarding CD Bake Oven (CDBO).


    Icons are not showing up.
    That means CDBakeOven was not properly installed, or was installed into the wrong directory. If you're installing from sources, please use option --prefix to pass correct location of KDE on your system to the configure script.
    So if KDE is installed in /opt/kde3, use './configure --prefix=/opt/kde3'.

    CDBakeOven starts up, but Configuration Dialogs are not showing up.
    That means your distro is using not standart directory for configuration modules. For example on Mandrake this whould be "kdebasedir"/share/applnk-mdk/Configuration/KDE insead of usual "kdebasedir"/share/applnk/Settings. So on Mandrake you'd have to copy directory "kdebasedir"/share/applnk/Settings/CDBakeOven to "kdebasedir"/share/applnk-mdk/Configuration/KDE.

    It did not detect my CD-Writer.
    Make sure your CD-Writer is recognized as a SCSI device!

    Load previous session, preview data CD, preview ISO image options always fail.
    Plase use CD-Recording Setup Wizard to configure your mount points.

    How impotant is it to use valid working directory with CDBO?
    Very. This directory is critical for CDBO to function properly. Please make sure that you have write permissions for it, and device/partition this directory is on has enoph free space to store temp files.

    What is the minimum/maximum CD-R(W) capacity CDBO supports.
    CDBakeOven supports any CD-R(W) size. The limits used are for estimate purposes only. Requests to add estimate limits which are currently not available can be sent here

    What is the maximum CD-Writer speed CDBO supports.
    CDBakeOven supports any CD-Writer speed.

    Is it required to use CDBO as root.
    Not nesseseraly, but you still need to have sufficient permissions, at least some CDBO functions will not work with regular users.

    How come you count versions from 1? This relese suppose to be 0.*.*.
    Because first virsion of CDBO was done in java, not complite nor usable, but still.....

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